Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holiday School Holiday Sandwich

We went to Idaho Falls, Idaho and Jackson Hole, Wyoming over Thanksgiving break. Here is a picture taken after the "lighting of the elk arches" in the town square of Jackson Hole. Apparently, there are vast numbers of elk that migrate around the area, and their antlers just drop off like matchsticks, and people collect them, and, hey, let's build 4 arches made of elk antlers to welcome people into the square.

We also hiked around the Grand Tetons for 3.5 hours, the first 2 hours of which were great, but then (no names mentioned) someone started getting hungry and cranky and did NOT want to hike to the 2nd lake because it impeded their eating schedule.

Now it's back to school, and I was cranky about that - just the rush rush rush feelings of "am I going to get everything done" and "will they successfully learn what I want them to learn", but then I get to school, and the kids are funny and it's good to see them and talk with them.

They are learning my annual fraction song, and today I quizzed them on it, and maybe we'll put it on YouTube because I think it would be a riot. I don't know if that's kosher to tape them and put it on there, but it's not kiddie porn or anything, and the students think it'll be a hoot, so we'll see.

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