Friday, May 25, 2007

It's REALLY the last day

We just have to go in today to check out and pack up and celebrate our successes. Also, our school is named after a still-living phenomenal educator, so this person will come to our last luncheon. Good times.

Ultimately, I can say that I had good kids this year. Translation: no mean-spirited, nasty-in-class, drag-down-the-atmosphere students. Whew. I even ended up liking my pain-in-the-butt will-you-stop-TALKING students.

I had a student leave an interesting comment in my "year book". Now this kid basically stopped working in AP Calculus. He did not turn in one shred of homework the last 6 weeks. I was constantly on him, but not effectively. Anyway, in my book he wrote, "thanks for caring enough to bug me about my homework". Hmmm, that gives me incentive to keep it up.

I also worked graduation. This year, I was not in charge of a row of students, but got to stand in the back. At first I felt like an extra, but then I saw the great advantage here. As the kids filed back to their seats from walking the stage, I was in a prime hugging spot. And boy were there lots of hugs and tears. I've known a ton of these students for 3 to 4 years. I lost it a couple of times just thinking about not seeing them again.

I also snuck out "early" one day this week after finals for my 4th annual end-of-the-year matinee (Waitress). I'm usually either the only one in the theater or there's at most 2 other people. This year, there were about 10-14 people. What I want to know is, why aren't you at work people? Did you all just get done giving finals? Maybe today I'll start my 1st annual 2nd matinee during finals week tradition (Namesake).


  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    I don't go to matinees after my seniors leave... but i've been getting a haircut consistently during this time the last two years. I think I get too caught up in everything and forget to make time to look umm.. undisheveled.

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Yay! for taking care of ourselves and remembering to have fun.

    Ms. Cookie

  3. Anonymous10:54 PM

    All done? Wow. In New York we run until the end of June...

  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    That's one nice thing about Texas. We get done by the end of May. Well, except a new law has been passed and starting next year we'll get out the 1st week of June.

    Ms. Cookie

  5. Anonymous11:00 AM

    We go until June 27 or 28. And I need to come in after that...