Saturday, May 19, 2007

End of the Year

Yippee! One more week of school, and it basically is all finals. Love. It. On Friday I gave my AP calculus students an in-class "final" of writing either a "Dear John" or a love letter to calculus. I handed out colored paper because for some reason, things are just more fun to do on nonwhite paper. Shockingly :), most of the letters were of the "we're breaking up" variety. I gave them specs that they had to have at least 2 compliments with explanations and at least 2 faults with justification and that they had to add something extra to "wow me" and that it had to be a page long.

Boy are they creative. Some highlights:

"I like you sister, precalculus, better"
"Things were fine until I met your crazy relatives - related rates"
"You're too complicated for me. I need a simple relationship"
"How dare you cheat on me with Physics"
"p.s. you're following me to college, not the other way around"
"thank you for making me feel special. You made me feel like I could do any problem that was thrown at me"
"I love how you make me think all the time, even though sometimes you hurt me"
"It's not you. It's me. You're cutting into my personal time"
"We had our problems and had to get counseling from Ms. Cookie. Then things got better"
"You pushed me to the limit"
"I know I won't miss your related rates, which relate to my painful headaches"

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