Monday, April 10, 2006

Elliptical Pool Table Update

Sheesh, it's so chaotic this project thing .... Today my goal for the class was to get a template for our pool table (one template for each of 3 classes). We discussed strategies, I had groups experiment on large paper, we voted as a class on best template. ... This took all period. In my mind, I thought it would only take part of the period. ... I guess I'm a slow learner. Meanwhile there was a lot of down time of them just goofing off (some of them). That's the part I dislike. I guess that's what you learn from after you do it the first time, and then you improve upon it the next time. Maybe written instructions with some pointed questions for them to finish if they are not participating in the template making?

We did get one template per class, so now the transferring of the pattern will be next. ... Other than that, rush rush rush as usual.

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