Friday, April 14, 2006


I guess it comes in ALL forms and at all ages. I usually associate bullying with elementary or middle school and with some toughie kid amassing a crowd of sheep and being mouthy and mean to a smaller kid. Not so, apparently. I have a senior boy in class (have had him for 3 years in various levels) who's thin, has curly, longish hair, plays the guitar, and always wears old rock band tee-shirts. Apparently, he'd had enough of some kid harrassing him and (as I was told) tripping him in this other class, that he took a ruler and whacked the bully. A fight ensued (I can't see this kid fighting) .... the big burly teacher wrestled the bully off "my" kid. The bully allegedly BIT the teacher's forearm ..... and so on.

A part of me is all adult about it (you should just walk away .... the kid's a jerk, ignore him ...), and a part of me is rooting for the little kid (good for you for standing up for yourself). Then I also see that these 2 kids are still in the same class for the rest of the year, so .... how's that going to work in the aftermath.

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