Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Today after school while I was tutoring and after an afterschool meeting, a kid who graduated last year came to visit. I had him for 2 years, and he's one of the memorable ones (in a good way). He's now in the marines, and was talking about his experience. ... How hard was it for me to not wail at him, "BE CAREFUL! DON'T DIE" ... he's an "infantry man" ... if I have that term correct. That means he's on the ground most likely. Oh my. Be safe. Be safe. Be safe.

On the bizarre flip side ... my bra strap came undone, not once, but TWICE today while teaching. Hmmmm, excuse me class while I go and "saddle up" again. ... No majorly obvious "things" popped out. Thank goodness. BUT. How disconcerting.

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