Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Politics in the Math Classroom

One of my kids piped up with, "hey miss, did you know that the *horrible hate group* is coming here to rally against *an upcoming proposition*?" Which led to an animated discussion about what proposition he was talking about and such. I didn't want to squelch the discussion, but we had 10 minutes left or so, and I had to finish showing them a particular process. So I said, "we should all be tolerant of other people (except hate groups, of course), whether or not they are like us."

We were getting through our process, and I'm hearing a bit of rumbling & talking about tolerance. Then, after one such discussion, a kid pipes up with, "miss, R___ is lactose-intolerant."


  1. Regarding your Family post.

    My husband's mom is much the same way. When we were last all together, for a wedding, my husband had a quiet moment with his mom.

    "Mom, you know I love you?"
    "Mom, you know I can never trust you?"
    "I'm glad we had this little talk."

    Parents are people and some people... you can only be tolerant of for so long.

    If she were gone, is there anything you wished you would have said?

    The answer may be no.

  2. Heidi, thanks for your kind words. I feel guilty, but not guilty enough to go through the grief and phoniness of contact.

    Ms. Cookie

  3. So that's your answer.

    As a friend wrote in my high school yearbook, "Don't you wish life only gave you the odd-numbered problems, so you could always look up the answer in the back of the book?"