Saturday, March 07, 2015

Precalculus Sequences & Series

We had time for a mixed review day in Precalculus. ... As I type that, I wonder why it always seems rushed to teach this class. Last year, my colleague and I seemed to speed through things and didn't give things a fair treatment. But the flip side is, what do you leave out? There are too many cool things the students have never seen before and this class always seems like the last high school chance to showcase things. Anyway, I revived this sheet I'd made a long time ago. It has some nice challenging problems (#6 will floor you .... Hah! #clickbait) gathered from a ton of places.

I tried to make sure that the way the questions were asked forced the kids to look for efficient ways to find first terms and sums and such.

 On a "make you feel old" note, they had never heard the term "boob tube" for television. Some students thought the term referred to those tops that were elastic for girls that had no straps. Hah! So I told them to look it up.

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