Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I happened to be in the car at the right time a while ago, and heard an interview with Aisha Tyler. I don't remember if this was the interview, but it'll do. She seems like a kick-angle-side-side kind of person.

Anyway, she had this quote that resonated with me, and I wanted to share it with my students, so I went through many iterations of how that would happen, and I came upon the following idea.

I counted up the number and type of letters in the quote. It happened to have 68 - the EXACT same number as a total of 3 of my math classes. Sorry, people who have to cram more students in their classes. Anyway, 

* I cut into 4, enough colored 8.5" x 11" pieces of paper
* The students selected a paper
* I assigned each person a letter
* I had a discussion about wanting to put a quote up
* And, no, I won't tell you the quote until it's up
* And, no, I don't want slop and last minute jobs
* And, be artsy
* And it's due next class
* And they should be capital letters
* Facing Portrait, NOT Landscape

And then I hung it in the hallway ..... voila:



  1. Very nice - -custom created by students and so colorful!

  2. Thanks, Judy. I like looking at it every time I pass by.

  3. I heard that quote and shared it the next day with my kids! I love your idea of surprising them with it.