Saturday, July 06, 2013

Summer: Forty Percent Over

Yeesh! What lazy teacher is napping the summer away? To be fair, I am doing some CS things and house chores and friend visiting, but mostly I'm doing puzzles. I have a book of these, and these, and an app of these, and ... I'd better stop, though there are more. I'm not what I consider a "gamer" whatever that is, but I can see how someone could get chair sores from stagnant sitting all day and .... whoops! It's 4:30pm time for a drink and a think about dinner and nothing has gotten done about curriculum planning or anything tangible other than I had fun doing puzzles.

There are some positive things I've done. I switched over to from my Google Reader. I'd tried others and browsed yet some others, but I'm liking this one. It's like a nice streaming roll of the current posts of each blog, and once you click on an entry, a new window pops up. There are also suggestions of other blogs you may like (sheesh, how many style blogs ARE there?), and it's easy to add and delete blogs.

I've also started my annual summer crocheting fest of toys/dolls for 2 little kids I see once a year. I got the idea from here. I adjusted some things, and am eager to get the clothes made and the 2nd doll made, but here's what I have so far:

I think she's super cute.

Also, I'm having fun looking into teaching a unit on "ethical hacking". Has anyone done such a thing? I have qualms, but I'll put safeguards in place. I've found some websites that seem to have labs the kids can do. I'm also thinking of doing the unit as a "college type" course where they sort of make up the curriculum and resources as they go with some guidance on topics from me. I don't know how that would be structured yet, but there are a ton of YouTube videos and sites and resources. We'll see.

I'm also taking an online course to learn about AppInventor from MIT. That's going to be another unit in the CS3 class.

I also want to work through the Objects First with Java (BlueJ) to see if that is a viable way to teach my CS1 class this year.

Hmmmmm, no math PD over the summer. I guess that's natural since my CS classes will be my new preps.

Okay, the nap and the puzzles are calling ... or I may be thirsty, if you know what I mean.


  1. A friend of mine took an ethical hacking course at a local community college this spring. He really loved it.

    Where are you taking the course using AppInventor? It's on my list of things to learn, but somehow I always run out of time.

  2. Oh, I wish I had thought about that (course at a c.c.). I'm basically scouring sources on the web and in books. Hopefully, I can come up with something and my students won't shut down the whole school system!

    I'm taking an online course for AppInventor through
    It's $25, and I think the structure will force me to work through things and the discussion with other teachers will be helpful. It started last week. Maybe they'll have one in the fall. Or actually, it may not be too late since last week's work could basically be done in an hour. It's a 5 week course, I believe.

  3. I have not looked in depth at it, but has some stuff. I am probably not teaching our intro classes the coming year, which is when I would really like to incorporate this stuff. We are offering a Web Applications & Security course where some could come in as well.

    There is a cipher book:

    Another security option I have not explored:

  4. Thanks, Jake. I saw that (hacker HS) and send an inquiry about the labs, but I never got a response. From searching the web, it seems they'll now charge for the labs ... thanks for the reminder for me to look at it again. And thanks for the other 2 links - more fun things to delve into.

  5. Anonymous10:15 PM

    I'm a little jealous, I switched schools last year, giving up all my CS classes. I'm at a school that has no CS and I'm really missing it.

  6. I feel your pain. Now that I've taught CS for a year, I would HATE to go back to not doing it. There are so many fun things to explore. Is there any chance of actively recruiting for your new school? Good luck!