Thursday, April 25, 2013

APCS AP Exam Studying

After a conversation with some 10th graders today: "I wish teachers would teach us HOW to study for exams", I got nervous. In my mind I HAVE done that. I think. Once. For final exams. But apparently, it's not a message that sticks. Or maybe they're so used to being bossed around by us/me, that when they aren't, they think, "woo HOO! Free time! No Homework! Study Shmudy."

So I came up with this assignment for my APCS class (while I'm on a field trip with other students .... no stress here .... only a handful of class days before the AP Exams, but SURE, I'll help chaperon).

Maybe if they have the schedule, they'll be more likely to use it. Don't burst my bubble.


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I've never understood the point of studying for a programming exam. If they know how to program and know Java, then the exam is pretty easy. If they don't, a week of cramming is not going to make much difference.

    Of course, I've never seen the point of cramming for exams, which is probably why I did much better in math, CS, and science courses that relied on being able to use the course content, than on history courses, that relied on memorizing content.

  2. I applaud your photographic memory on topics you may have learned in September but haven't practiced in a while.

    Unfortunately, my students are not of the same caliber, so any extra studying will help.

  3. Anonymous6:58 PM


    I liked your worksheet to keep them on task studying. I'm interested to hear how they do on the upcoming test.

    I know my students have trouble studying for tests. On review days, I'll ask the students if they have any specific questions, and I usually get no response. But when I give them a problem to do, they have difficulty with it, so I know their lack of questions does not come from an excess of ability. I'd like my students to be more aware of what they need to work on.

    ~Mr. C
    Phila, PA

  4. Thanks, Mr. C. I hope it works. This is the FIRST programming class my students have ever taken, so I'm guessing that passing the AP Exam will be a struggle for some of them.

    I'm sure I'll stress about until July when we find out, and then I'll share scores.

  5. Well yes, that's a problematic question, since assuming you will only need to study by yourself to get through the complications of your endeavor. Eventually, you are going to consult somebody else more knowledgeable, or more intellectually experienced in the topic or subject you are studying. So the next real pertinent questions is, whether you've picked the right mentors for your interest and how.