Friday, February 01, 2013


Five Moment Memoir

* My weekly breakfast at a local diner started my morning off right with good puzzles in the newspaper and one of the 2 regular waiters remembering my "usual" order.

* Did not like my lunch of leftovers that contained mashed potatoes and Indian Dal Lentils (hello extended stomach in the afternoon).

* Walked with my teacher friend to a local Pharmacy that "does coffee" and enjoyed the 70 degree January temperature and laughter and sinful potato chips (that go so well with the said coffee).

* Went out to dinner with same friend and our visitor from Boston that was observing and commenting on our invention progress.

* Had illicit ice cream at 10 pm after I got home from work after writing subplans since I'll be out on Friday for an APCS 2-day workshop.

Hmmmmmm, food. The love of my life. Sorry husband.


  1. I love this, Shireen. Jealous of the 10 pm ice cream.

  2. Thanks, Fawn :). You TOO can sneak some ice cream at any time. No one will know ... if you're clever about it.