Friday, December 28, 2012

*THAT* School.....

Are you "that" school? When people ask you where you work, and you tell them, do they get a knowing look in their eye as if, "oh yes, I know ALL about your school". They know what they've heard and what they assume and what conclusions they draw without ever having stepped inside your school.

I work at "that" school. In fact, all 3 of the schools I've taught at have been "that" school in some way or the other. In fact, I'm now coming to realize that maybe ALL schools are "that" school. Just like everyone (it seems) knows exactly what it means to be a teacher (those lounging summers off and that too-much pay and the paltry knowledge we hold in our heads). It seems everyone has a bead on just exactly what your work environment must be like.

In fact, I think I'm guilty of thinking "that" school when I hear of other teachers at other schools in our area. Maybe it's human nature. "Oh!" we think, "they must have it so _______ over there" .... or "Oh! THAT'S the rich/poor/smart/entitled/ethnic..... type of school it is." When in reality, I'm guessing that all schools have their problems. All schools most likely have drugs and fights and bullying and parents who _____ and parents who don't ______ and depressed kids and happy kids and excelling kids and struggling kids and just plain kids. I need to be more aware of my jumping to conclusions about other situations.


  1. Comment people make about NYC schools in general. It's not nice.

  2. Completely agree. Hey! Have fun in Texas for your upcoming wedding. There's a great Hike and Bike trail downtown Austin if you want to see the river and people.

  3. Try working at a school that has had a teacher sex scandal! Not fun! And we've had one VERY high profile scandal and another one within just a couple years of each other....

  4. Argh! That DOES sound like you'd have awkward social conversations. ... And then you probably have the people that want to hear all the dirt.