Monday, October 08, 2012

Goofy Idea

I was finishing up my flipped lesson taping tonight when I saw the web cam and decided to take a picture to send to my husband who's on a trip. I added a goofy message and was done with it.

Then I got to thinking on my drive home, that I could totally use this on tests or worksheets for an extra added goofy factor. I can add mustaches or weird eyes with editing tools. I don't know how things will turn out in black and white, but here are some brief things to get the ball rolling:


  1. Informative Blog. i liked it very much..

  2. I have been looking for blogs like this, and I'm glad I have found yours... I tutor HS Math in Friendswood, TX (just outside of Houston). I find it insightful and funny in many cases. I look forward to future blogs, and I will look through many of your past ones. Question... is there a way to follow your blog. I am not familiar with Blogger...

  3. Hi Antonio. Maybe there are other ways, but the way I follow blogs is to set up a reader on my Google account that's associated with my e-mail ... somewhere on the top of the Google page there's a More or some such choice. Then go to Reader, and you can start subscribing to blogs. Then whenever a new post comes up, it appears in your reader.

    Again, there may be better/other ways, but this works for me.

    Have a good year.