Friday, March 30, 2012

Whew! Almost the Weekend

This week had cr*ppy written all over it. So I'm just going to detox and purge the "bad" stuff:

* Tired from too little sleep.
* Drink too much coffee to make up for it.
* Can't sleep the following night because of the excess caffeine.
* Rinse. Repeat.
* Patience at an all time low due to sleep issues.
* Weird Schedules due to state testing.
* Don't read one of the bazillion e-mails about the schedule and get called out for it.
* Snap at children due to lack of patience.
* Feel bad and remember I don't have to say EVERYTHING I'm thinking.
* Have conversations in my head saying the sleep-deprived snotty things I shouldn't verbalize (also visualize snotty facial expressions I'd make with words).
* Skip yoga and tap and Lindy Hop due to sleepiness.
* Feel worse physically due to less exercise.
* Make up for "stuff" by mainlining huge chocolate chip cookies.
* Feel worse physically due to bad eating habits.
* Take on more work for next year in the form of an "inventing 'contest'".
* Hear about various ones of our/my students putting down our school.
* Take it personally.
* Wake up at 3am Friday to make a test I have to give today.
* Excited about the faculty meeting this morning taking up 1 hour of my planning time.
* Excited about being "tired stupid" today.

Off to go "running" at 4:30am before I get ready for work. Woot! At least I got my geometry test done. I envision caffeine and a cookie in my near future. Breakfast?


  1. Am exhausted from reading your post this morning! There are days when I'd trade my right ear (it's the nicer one) for sleep. "Feel worse physically due to less exercise" = exactly!
    Great way to start your day with the run though. I know you'll sleep well tonight:) Have a great weekend, Ms Cookie!

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Can't help with the sleep thing (I have the same problem, almost all the time).

    Invention Convention is a cool thing for kids, though. It is less work than science fair (both for teachers and for students), and gives the students a chance to think outside the box.

    Stupid Blogger is refusing comments from wordpress users AGAIN!

  3. Fawn: Thanks! I did have all those endorphins kick in AND I avoided coffee today and stuck to my tea. Woot! Much better. Have a great weekend.

    Anonymous: I'll have to look into this "Invention Convention". This is all new to me. We're applying for this "InvenTeams" Lemelson grant. Hmmmm. And what's this comment refusal nonsense? Who's the comment boss around here anyway? :)