Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Timed Trig Quizzes....

Well, it's towards the end of the 6 weeks (1 more day), and it's the last chance for my kidlets to do their "1 minute / 10 question / know your special radian sine/cosine/tangent angles" quiz. Whew! Most of them have passed, and I think they surprised themselves.

When I first gave it to them weeks ago, they couldn't even get 2 accurate (let alone complete the quiz). Now, they're just whipping them out. I kept saying that I wasn't worried and that they'd rise up to it and that they'd surprise themselves, but it would take work. .... Some of them even surprised me. You can't imagine the whining throughout the process (or maybe you can) .... Why is it timed? Why do we have to do this? I can't do this! This is impossible! Whaaaaaaaa! I'll never pass. Stopppppp! What if I don't pass????

Honestly, I don't remember how long I used to give them in the past ... and like a bad teacher, I didn't look it up. I assumed it was one minute, and now I'm wondering if it was 2 ... but I don't think so. Even my most snail-paced-think-through-everything-twice student was successful. Woot!

The repetition is the key, and it's even good if it takes them longer to pass because that's more time they have to spend memorizing all the angles.


  1. I am a student teacher now (in a math ninth grade algebra 1 classroom) and I just wanted to say that your posts are very insightful. Your ideas are very unique, ways that I probably wouldn't have thought about teaching math on my own, for example your idea about teaching transformations with trig using pipe cleaners. I really liked your idea of introducing transversal lines as the "toothpick" between the "sandwich breads", VERY clever idea. I also thought your notes were very visual, the diagram and their labels were color-coded with the corresponding vocabulary words, and it was very neat and organized. One of my professors taught her students how to do transformations in geometry using their bodies and using the box tiles on the floor as a coordinate plane, just some food for thought :).

  2. Thanks, Esha, I live for compliments :). Have fun with your student teaching.

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