Monday, October 03, 2011


As my husband and I were pulling out of the "membership only big store" parking lot, we passed a Wendy's. There was an advertisement for job openings, both cashier and manager. The manager's position said, "make up to $55,000 per year".

Then I had to pause. That's more than I make after 14+ years of teaching as a Texas teacher. Eeesh!


  1. the up to is the key. As a TX teacher you may make up to $1 billion per year! You may have the respect and adulation of ...dozens?!

    You will be doing important work for good reason, though.

  2. You could always move to NY. Max salary here is $100,000.

  3. Yeah ... in New Jersey, after 6 years, I was making $50K..... but ... I'm here for the children, right?!?!

    I just think it's fascinating that there's such a big gap in different states and different types of jobs.

    And I don't begrudge the Wendy's managers their pay. They have to work with the public and with little teeny bopper first-jobbers.

  4. After 6, 12, 15 years, I wouldn't complain about making $50K. THere are a lot of teachers out there that will never see that. Even with credit hours.

  5. I have 20+ years and I make over 50K, but only because I work 2 jobs!

  6. Eeeee, I guess I wasn't clear.

    In NJ I was up to $50K after 6 years.

    Here in TX, it dropped back down when I moved here. Now after 6 years, I'm still way below $50K.

    Again, not complaining (too much); just noticing the big disparity of wages between states and jobs.