Friday, March 04, 2011

Room Fustiness

Phew! Stinky Room Alert! I don't know what it is .... well, maybe I do, but the last few weeks while I'm teaching in my room for hours on end, I don't notice anything. But step out of the room for a few minutes and walk back in after a gaggle of teenagers have been in there, and Stink City.

It's not that way in the morning when I first get to work. It's not that way right before 1st period. But after I teach a class or two and leave the room and come back. Ew. Not HORRIBLE horrible, but noticeably smelly/musty.

So my question is, is it just my particular group of teens? They don't really smell strongly, but I guess get enough of them together and have them in there for an hour and a half and watch out. I don't like the fake smell of room deodorizers. I can't open my windows. I have one plant in there (which sometimes causes its own problems with teeny bugs that flutter around and like to hover around the vacuum of your nose only to be accidentally sucked in and EWWWW). Do we think more plants would help? Certain plants? Has anyone successfully overcome this TRAGIC situation?


Singed Nosed Sufferer


  1. I use the wallflower plug ins by bath and body works. I think it spreads out enough that it does smell all fake. I also use febreeze spray. Do you have a fan? Also, I bought a giant candle thing from Hallmark. Ok it's not a candle but it's like a hollowed out hemisphere made of wax that just exudes smelly good stuff. lol I also have used the febreeze air fresheners from walmart that are made of plastic with the little holes in it. They cost $2 something so I bought two and my room always smelled nice.

  2. Oh! B&B, I hadn't thought of them. Thanks. .... I do spritz with febreeze, but it doesn't seem to last. Maybe I'll head on out today to load up on some of your suggestions. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I've noticed this for over 25 years with my fresmen. It's the smell of male/hormones/puberty/funkiness!
    Voices are betraying them, weirdness abounds, and the deodorant/aftershave (as they show off their nicks and cuts from newly shaved faces)aroma fills the air.
    Ah, spring!
    I love my job but only other teachers really understand what we are talking about here!

  4. Anonymous1:16 PM

    I cook cinnamon sticks in a small cooker. The kids like it because it smells like cookies baking!

  5. Hmmmm, I like the teenager theory. And I've NEVER heard of the cinnamon sticks idea. Love cinnamon. Natural, too.

    And maybe when they're naughty, I can simmer garlic (mwa ha ha).

  6. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Our only hallway after freshman gym! We just had this discussion (2 teachers and the principal) on Friday.

    I watch out for ninth graders, especially in the afternoon. And I don't even have them in class.

    Plants help. The new plug-ins are less overpowering. But the real solution probably belongs to the dean or PE teacher: some serious hygiene discussions. Covering funk with scent just gives scented funk. Someone (I'm hoping not you) needs to explain that, loud and clear.


  7. Jonathan - Oh! I HATE that awkward conversation about, "you stink!". I've had a handful of kids only (thank goodness) in the past 14 years that needed talking to. Usually the nurse did it. This year, our funny PE teacher told the whole assembly of kids with her famous, "you stink" talk in which she discusses showers and deodorant and such.

  8. Anonymous8:33 AM

    It is not simply a matter of showers and deodorants. Many body odour sufferers haveproblems which stem from internal problems e.g. inability to break down certain proteins etc. thus causing bacterial build up in the gut - read and check out blogs. Also, the teacher talking non-stop is breathing out lots of unpleasant odours - Don't always blame the kids!