Friday, November 19, 2010

Synopsis of the Day

This should sum up how my school day went ... that started with a faculty meeting wherein we:

* were informed about how our school district is thinking about cutting various things to meet their budget shortfall (which may include teachers giving up a prep period)
* were chastised for not willingly giving up class time for students for extra curricular things (because we were greedy with instructional time)
* were told of upcoming events that would further alter the schedule to allow less class time
* had 1 hour less of prep time in the morning because of said meeting ....

SO....... one of the highlights of my day (aside from numerous other student interactions), was a student who informed me at the start of geometry class that they had a new joke to share (which as a bonus sums up what's expected of teachers):

Q: How do you fit an elephant in a Safeway Bag?
A: Take away the "f" in "safe" and the "f" in way.


  1. I hear ya, we had a faculty meeting this week too, and we were told, beside tutoring until 5 o'clock four days a week, it was also our job to stay even later and attend choir, band, orchestra, events that usually start around 7 and then the basketball, football, and basket weaving events that start after school - while we're supposed to be tutoring. BUT, make sure we spend time with our own children at all of their events and such.

  2. Aye! Maybe at the next faculty meeting they'll discuss with you the convenience of bringing in a cot to your classroom, so that you can save the time you waste going home to sleep and shower.