Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lucky Traveler

We just got back from Maui, and boy it was beautiful and relaxing. We stayed in a B&B in Haiku and rented a car from a local company and just decided each morning what to do. Lovely. We went to the beach a lot, hiked into the crater, tried paddle boarding, ate too much, and swam. Life's good.

One of the many beaches:

Post paddle boarding ... my shoulders are sore, waves are scary, it's not too bad falling in warm tropical water ... a lot:

A shop where my husband rented his windsurfing equipment:

Growing at our B&B:

Also at our B&B:


  1. Thanks, it WAS fun. I'm sending "aloha" vibes your way.

    One interesting thing: the girl driving us from the airport to the rental car place said that the economy was so bad that they even had periodic "Friday Furloughs" for everyone at all the schools. Yeesh.

    Ms. Cookie