Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quadrilateral Project

Holy Cow, my kids are awesome. Out of about 23 students in geometry class, 8 turned in amazing projects, and the rest (barring 2 late assignments) did great stuff (but not with the "wow!" factor of the first 8). Here are 6.

Here's "super man". You can put it in front of your chest and strut your stuff.

Here's a purse. All the math equations and essentials are on strips of paper inside.

Here's a camera, taking a picture of the world.

Turtle Soup. The "recipe" is awesome.

Surfer Dude (had an incident with a shark).

Monster in the closet.


  1. Nice projects.

    I do a rescale project with my Geometry students during the chapter on scale factors and similar polygons. They take some object and make it bigger or smaller.

    I add in the bonus of if it's really detailed, that I will "buy" it off of them for extra credit points. I have gotten a lot of great projects this way. I will have to post them on my blog and show them off I guess.

  2. I like the construction of proofs through this project! Neat-o. Like Mr. W, I also do a scaling project in the coordinate plane. I incorporate perimeter, area, and the idea that they don't both scale at the same rate! But, the project got really complicated with the many, many coordinate calculations (especially area involving irregular shapes with decimal coordinates), that there was a large range of qualities I received as products. :( Some were excellent, but many weren't so great! Next year, I'll have to make it a large step easier.

  3. Twelve years later this blog post is giving advice and inspiration for my 17 year old daughter who has to do this assignment for her Geometry class. She is thinking of drawing the turtle!