Thursday, January 07, 2010


I got a much-needed laugh today from a student. In my quest to drink more water and to stay caffeinated, I bring two 1-liter bottles of water to school every day. One (the BLUE one) I use with my electric water boiler to make tea (for normal days where you got enough sleep) or with my single-serving coffee maker to make hazelnut coffee (for the oh my god wake me up days). This water allows me 2 large (20 oz) cups of hot beverage (and I might add that it's very hard to find good, 20 oz reusable hot beverage cups. Thank you Starbucks). Add a little non-sugared soy milk and I'm in heaven. The other bottle (the YELLOW one) is to just drink straight. Of course there's the bathroom vs. class time issue, so usually I drink 1/2 of it during lunch time, and then the other half at the end of the work day.

Today, I had a mixture of chalk or dust in the throat and/or an on-coming cold and/or allergies, and I desperately needed a sip of water while I was teaching, so that I could continue without turning into a sputtering mess. I did something I'd apparently never done in class before. I got the yellow water bottle and took a few sips.

A girl looks at me for a bit and then says, "why would anyone drink water out of a yellow water bottle?"

After I finished laughing, I came back with, "I'm recycling". Ew.

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