Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Trip

Just this past weekend we went to Santa Fe and stayed at a nice B&B just south of town. We also went snowshoeing for the 1st time, and now I'm a convert. It was easy to rent equipment from REI and fun to trudge through the snow for a couple of days. We lasted about 2-3 hours each day, with much resting on the way up, and a quick scurrying downhill with the promise of lunch to spur us on. I liked the partial packed snow better than the much-trampled on road/paths that were available. I also liked hanging out at the Santa Fe Baking Co. & Cafe and people watching and checking my e-mail and blogs. Here are some pictures of our outing and of our B&B place and of a funny bird that was snuffling around in the snow on one of our breaks.


  1. Yeah for snow! I love Santa Fe but have never been there in the winter. Hope you're enjoying your break!

  2. Gray jay: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray_Jay