Friday, November 27, 2009

Music & Computer Work

Frequently my IED (engineering) class is on the computer all period working on the CAD program (Inventor). Several of the students daily ask me if they can listen to music while they work. I always say no. BUT it's "Pandora", they say, there's no talking, they say, it helps me concentrate, they say. Ms./Mr. So-And-So let's me in THEIR class, they say. No, I say.

I had a bunch of reasons all jumbled up in my brain, and I didn't sort it out as to the real reason I was such a grinch until the other day. Here's my main reason. More and more I see people in society all plugged in and earbudded into isolation and in their own little worlds not interacting with the people in the present and around them. I guess I want my students to see and be with the students around them at the current time and learn to interact with them - whether it's talking with them about what they're doing, chatting about various things, or learning to focus with the outside noise potentially disturbing them. You know, being part of our community.

And also because I'm a grinch.


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