Thursday, April 09, 2009

High School Kids

Two funny incidents happened within the last week. In one class I was giving a polynomial test, and allotted an hour. Some kids were done early and put their heads down to nap. This is the ONLY time I allow this. At the same time I'm back at my computer taking roll.

We hear a key in the lock and see the door open, and the principal comes in. He frequently does this visiting of classroom thing. I instantly feel guilty being back at the computer. Then my brain kicks into gear, and I quickly glance over at the 2 kids I knew were sleeping. Their heads were up, and they were studiously pouring over their tests. I laughed on the inside. Boy do they know how to play the game. As a class after he left, and the test was over, they mentioned it and laughed about it, and I had to thank them for not getting us in trouble.

In my second class, I have a periodic visit from another man who basically oversees a math program at various schools. I like to talk with him, and we have many conversations about the state of affairs in education. I consider him a friend. Anyway, he left after a brief visit to discuss something during one of my precalculus classes, and a few girls started giggling. "Ooooh, he likes you. Is he your boyfriend? He's cute." etc. Oh my.

Well, yesterday he stopped by again to give me some information. It happened to be during that same class while they were practicing some problems. Though happy to see him, on the inside I was groaning because I knew the kids were on full alert. A third of me is listening to him, a third is keeping my ears open for my kids to see what they're doing, and a third is hoping he'd leave quickly, so we wouldn't have an "incident". RIGHT after he left, the kids stopped pretending they were working and started teasing me again about him being my boyfriend and gently mimicking things we were saying but in a sappy sweet tone of voice. Oh my goodness. I had to laughingly admonish them and say thanks because every time I see him now, I simultaneously see my class saying, "ooooooh".

I'm going to miss these kids next year.


  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Very cute. It's so nice when you build that sort of relationship with a class...

    I'm assuming, btw, that he was kind of cute. If you blushed, said "we just talk" and asked them not to tell Mr. Cookie - would you have gotten in trouble?

    (Really, I have such terrible judgment!)


  2. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Oh my ... I think they just have overactive teenage imaginations, but they're still cute in a pain-in-the-patootie kind of way.

    Ms. Cookie

  3. I have also dealt with similar situations. I agree that they are quite cute even on these topics. We have to remember back to when we were in high school. I remember I used to do the same thing, especially with the teachers I liked.