Monday, September 01, 2008

More Games and Such

I decided to add 2 new links to my homework website for games since these are ones I love love love. The first is ABC pureisu. Basically you place the letters A, B, & C (and sometimes D) so that every row and every column has exactly 1 of each. You can click around the buttons to get different sizes and difficulties of puzzles. By clicking in the box, you can place your letter.

The second is a "squiggly" sudoku site. I love the different variations of sudoku, and this one also has different difficulty levels. A different puzzle appears every day. This one you have to print out.

I had put a "notes" section on my website, but ultimately knew I wouldn't keep up the copying of the notes, and I didn't know how helpful it would be. So I decided just to sum up the topics of the day/week and mention what would be important to know how to do, and then I will provide web links to various sites that show/quiz/video/tutor/etc the same topic. That way the students have a different way of learning the same thing, and maybe a different explanation will make things click for them or just let them review more. It also gets them in the habit of searching the Internet using the topic name, and they can find other help.


  1. Hi,
    I ran across your blog while researching block scheduling. I am a new middle school math teacher, and every school uses block scheduling. The periods run from 85-100 minutes. Some school districts require homework on top of that. I would like to know how you use your time and what suggestions you have for a newbie. Also, how do you handle disruptive students?
    Thanks a million, Donna

  2. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Hi Donna,

    I have 90 minute classes, and I teach freshmen, juniors, & seniors mostly. About an hour into class (whenever it's convenient), I set the timer and I have them get up and move just to clear their minds and get the wiggles out and such. Then we settle back down and finish up the class. Now that works for my style, and I guess you could test it out to see if it works for you.

    I make sure we work bell to bell with no time to dawdle or take roll or start homework. I have them correct hwk from the overhead first, then do the day's lesson with lots of practice.

    My suggestions are for math teaching management are the 3 david johnson books (send me e-mail for info: and for regular management .... I have other book suggestions I'll write about, but this is running too long, and I'd be happy to respond via e-mail.

    Good Luck,

    Ms. Cookie