Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Summer Vacation

Just last week I went to an aerobatics contest my husband was in. It's small, so EVERYONE is wrangled into volunteering somehow.
I got to be a boundary judge and learn the skills of how to read a sequence card and how to call the ins and outs and how to survive blistering heat and curious cows and carcas sightings. First my partner and I (another wrangled wife) had to drive 10 minutes to the location.

Here is an actual corner boundary that the pilots would see from the air.

This is the other wife sitting in position ready to call outs/ins. The contraption is uber cool and thought up by an engineer/pilot who used a compass and his brains. AND there's math involved (what else).
There are 2 sets of 2 strings lined up perpendicular to the other set, and you line up the strings of one set with your eye and .... since 2 lines form a plane, you can determine when the aerobatic planes cross the boundary or not. We were at the "southeast" boundary, so our job was to call "out south", "in south", "out east", "in east".

Boy were we stressed about doing it right. We're not pilots, and we had to figure out what squiggly lines on the cards matched what things the pilots were doing in the air. Eventually, we mastered it as a team. Here are some things that kept us company each time we went out.

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