Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Funny Kid

Students were wacky today. Just goofy and chatty and such. In my 1st period AB Calculus class - chatty chatty chatty. While they were doing work, some of them started going off and talking in text message code: someone would say out loud, "LOL", and then they would all chuckle. Then someone else said, "ROTFL", and then chuckle, chuckle, etc. Oh my. I quieted them down.

Then. I have a unique, well-liked, has-his-own-band student who often stares off into space like he's writing his own music or thinking artsy thoughts. Well, today he was wearing 60s style pants, and after their big chucklefest died down, he had gotten up to get a tissue, and someone says, "Nice Pants," all sarcastic like, and then everyone chuckle, chuckle. And then I said something about, "oh, if the rest of you have to be such conformists and wear only what other people tell you is okay ..... ". And then this 60s pant kid pipes up jokingly, "well, if you don't like my pants, then I'll just take them off." We all laughed.

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