Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Summer Vacation

I read about the cool "Red Scarf" project over at Now Norma Knits and watched the video here and am now in the process of making this:

What a great idea that provides care packages for college students with no traditional family support. I remember diligently checking my mail for letters and cookies and such from my friends and family. I guess I still do, so I'd better get busy writing cards and letters of my own, so that maybe some day my box will be filled with stuff other than bills and junk and the ever-popular BedBath&Beyond 20% off coupon that you'd better USE NOW because you won't be getting another one for at LEAST a week.

I'm also furiously working on this which I need to finish before Wednesday, so I can wash it and have ready to go for my brother-in-law's wedding. I didn't want to make a full "bed" quilt that they'd have to politely use even if they didn't like the color choices, so I made a size that's suitable to cozy up with on the couch when you're watching the telly. Well, "made" is used loosely as I'm not done and am blogging instead of working on it.
Okay, off to the sweat shop ... or is it snack time?

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  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    How cool are people? That is so nice, and I hope that crappy cancer is gone from your life. Thanks for commenting

    Ms. Cookie