Sunday, February 25, 2007

Promoting Smart

Today I was out doing chores, wearing my PCMI t-shirt that says "Computational Complexity Theory" with an intricate Turing Machine picture. The teenage girl cashier at Target kept glancing at my shirt off and on while she was scanning my items. ... I choose to believe she was thinking, "gee it's okay to be smart" (instead of, "who's this geek I'm helping, and why is she advertising her geekiness").

In the current culture of idolizing celebrities and materialistic behavior with gucci this and prada that and who got botox here and who's divorcing what actor there, I want to start promoting smartness - not in the obnoxious "I'm smarter than you" way, but in the "hey, being smart and working hard is something good to strive for" way.

My list of t-shirt logos I want to make/buy:

Fractions Are Your Friends
Math Rules
Nerdy Girl
I *heart* Math

.... maybe I'll be crafty and make some with my school name on the back so that I can wear them on "spirit" days.


  1. Anonymous3:56 PM

    The cashier was actually trying to figure out what state the Turing machine on your shirt is in and what the next instruction will do.

  2. Thanks for the laugh :) ... you're right, I hadn't even thought of that option.

    Ms. Cookie

  3. If you make one that says Math Rules, then the back should turn that verb into a noun; list some math rules, like order of operations.

    I think there should be a t-shirt with the picture of the "Behold!" proof of the Pythagorean theorem.

  4. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I own a bunch of these:

    Michael Cherry's t-shirts

    I have a get radical cap, a possibilities are infinite t-shirt, a school of rotational symmetry t-shirt (esheresque design with a school of fish), properties of mathematics department (on the back, distributive, commutative...), there must be one or two more in my drawer.

  5. I added a few of these types of tee-shirts to my wardrobe from the website: