Saturday, December 16, 2006

One More Week (yippee!)

It's all over except for the "tired lady making and grading the finals" for next week. Most of my kiddies have been really good about using class time and homework time to study. Most of my homework has been of the "go through old tests, reviews, book work and redo 10 problems that are challenging for you from a mixture of topics" variety.

I'm also about to get the last batch of cards from my 2 calculus classes to bundle up into books. I had everyone in class write on an index card something nice about every other person in class and decorate the card. They also had to write a card for themselves in which they list memories of this year and things they're proud of themselves for. Then on finals day, everyone will get their own book of memories from the class. There are some great cards that have been turned in (lots of thought and effort), and there are some "eh!" cards .... I guess it represents the different types of people in class.

I've also had my precalculus kiddies make a "cheat book" out of colored paper that they can write formulas in for their final: fold an 8.5" x 11" paper hot dog, hamburger, and twice more in the hamburger direction to get 8 squares when unfolded (4 down and 2 across). Then you strategically cut the middle 2 folds (fold in a hamburger fold and cut from the folded part up to the middle so that when opened and held in a "regular paper" direction you have a vertical cut in the middle through the middle 2 "squares"). Then fold paper into hot dog, holding out at the ends, and "squish" in, so that a + sign appears when looking at the paper. Then while looking at the + sign, fold all the segments of the + sign up, and voila you have a booklet ... "sharp creases are your friends".


  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I had a question about your "memory book" idea. Do you just tell them to write something nice?
    How do you put them all together?

    I think that's something that my students could definitely get into and sounds pretty good in terms of this last week before "Holiday" break!

  2. Well, I started a few weeks ago, and had them turn in about 5 per week, so that they wouldn't leave them until the last minute. Then I had a conversation with them about how a nice compliment is really powerful because it sticks with the receiver a long time. I asked them to think about reading the book in 10 or 20 years, and the thing they wrote should warm the person's heart. And if they didn't have a nice thing to say, maybe they could think of a nice memory about that person. So I spent some time talking up writing something meaningful. I'm also included in them mix, so I have to write something, and I'll get a book.

    I also provided index cards, but I guess that depends on your school. I asked them to leave space at the horizontal top, so that we could punch 1 or 2 holes through them and tie a ribbon through the book to keep it together. Now, some of my kids forgot this, and there's writing to the margins, so I don't know what we'll do. (right now they're all in baggies by receiver's name).

    Everyone also makes their own cover, and on the back writes their own memories and proud statements.

    Hope you have fun.

    Ms. Cookie

  3. I'm trying to figure out the directions for the cheat book, but I am such a visual learner that I am lost. Do you have any pictures available? Thanks!

  4. I hosted a wedding shower for a dear friend. I sent everyone a pre-punched card in the invitation, asking them to share a marriage tip and a memory of the bride. With every gift opened, the card had to be read, the memory had to be explained (or a silent blush), and everyone learned something that day.

    I had covers and a ribbon ready and we strung up the book as the gifts were opened.

  5. Cool! Thanks, Heidi, for the booklet pictures. That's exactly how it's made. And I like the shower booklet idea. Seems like it would also be great for a birthday.

    Ms. Cookie