Saturday, November 04, 2006

Last Day of Grading Period

I was uncharacteristically on top of my grading and entering this week (thanks to my student aide in a big way), and I was trying to have no work to do this weekend because it's our 12th anniversary. Well, wouldn't you know it I had about 5 or so students stay after scrambling to turn in late work for partial credit and do retests and a "hail mary pass" to try to pass for the 6 weeks. Some of them made it, and some didn't.

Hey! here's an idea. Turn in your work on time and come in for tutoring BEFORE the last day of the 6 weeks. Well. I guess some of them are still learning how to learn, and I believe they need to fail before they see the need to actually change their ways.

Funny joke from a Laffy Taffy wrapper from my students: Why was the policeman in bed?

He was an undercover cop. (ar ar ar ar)

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