Thursday, October 12, 2006


I love my tap dance teacher. She's the ultimate professional who cares about her craft, and she expects the best from us. Me? I'm usually just happy I get the steps and can remember them and string them together when the music comes on. Her? She keeps "harping" at us: "it's not a drill, folks. Dance. Listen to the rhythm. Listen to each other. Don't fake it. ....". She has high expectations for us, and I appreciate that and want to do better.

Of course, then I think about my teaching. I have kids that are happy just to pass my class. This would be perfectly acceptable for them. I have to keep remembering to "harp" at them: "you can do better. THINK. Do your homework. 70? You can get an 80 ... a 90. Put out more effort. Come for tutoring."

On another note. Usually this year, I make all my handouts either by cutting and pasting from various resources, or by hand. When I get something typed up, I'm excited to share. I have a trigonometry "shifting, period, amplitude" type sheet for sine and cosine graphs all "perty-like" that uses Winplot for my graphs. If anyone wants a copy, please send me e-mail:

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