Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Already Behind

Sheesh, 2 days into school, and my to-do list never seems to be completely accomplished. Oh yea, and then there's the actual prep for "teaching". I guess it's all the initial set up of the year: organizing the online grade book, starting your lesson plans, setting up the room, teaching the students your procedures, learning all their names, striving to remember your 4 extra duties and when you're supposed to be when, waking up at 4:30am every day from bad dreams and then not falling back asleep, getting all the proper furniture in your classroom, so that you're not tripping over computer wires or overhead wires, etc.

Then I never cease to be amazed at how frequently my first impressions of a student are way off. For example, a girl that I thought yesterday was a "toughie" and "sullen" turns out on the 2nd day to be the sweetest quietest mild-mannered girl with a "tough" exterior. I guess that's a good example of waiting and seeing and being able to be nicely surprised by all the nice kids I'll meet.


  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I'm right there with you. After this first week, I've already got a sizeable stack of papers that I need to grade.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could all have secretaries to do all of our paperwork, photocopying, bus duty, lunch duty, etc. so that we could just focus on teaching.

  2. I like that. A secretary for every 2 to 3 teachers. Hmmmmmm. AND even more decadent - a masseuse for all the neck cricks and shoulder spasms from stress. Good luck on plowing through your pile of papers.

    Ms. Cookie