Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Summer Activities

How lucky am I? Today we're going to Canada for a week to visit my husband's family, and from there I'm coming back to go to a week-long calculus workshop. And THEN the traveling is done for the summer. Whew. Then we get to continue on our quest of "making a wedding cake that doesn't embarrass us".

My husband's sister is getting married (another mixed marriage - Canadian to American), and apparently, the tradition is for someone in her family to make a wedding cake (fruitcake base). Yeah, yeah, I know, but we actually have a great recipe from their grandmother. It's dark, and you smother it in brandy (you keep "feeding" it for a long time after it's done). And it keeps forever - apparently, all that pickling does it good. And maybe we say it's tasty because after eating it, we are slightly tipsy, and think it's tasty.

What we're practicing is the shape and the icing (type and technique) and the decorations around it. So we're eating a lot of practice cakes, and inviting people over to share in the calories of our trials. We've had 4 run throughs (hmmm, maybe that's why my clothes are getting snug), and I think this last one is really close.


  1. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I'd love to hear about anything that you think is good from your Calculus workshop....especially other projects. (Although anything interesting would be appreciated.) I'm teaching it for the first time in the fall and I'm excited, but a little nervous I'm going to be a little too dry.


  2. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Are you going to an AP Institute? I'll be at one in Vermont...post if you are!

    BTW anonymous above, see if you can get to an AP Institute this summer, it's definitely worth it.

  3. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I'm currently (Tuesday, July 11) at the AP institute in Houston for Calculus BC topics. She's going over strictly BC topics which is great, and I'm getting ideas on Euler, Improper integrals, L'Hopital's, ... so far it's just been "problems", but if any projects or other neat ideas come up, I'll mention it to see if anyone wants resources. ... I 2nd the comment about AP Institutes. Tons of resources and conversations and ideas.

    Ms. Cookie