Sunday, October 02, 2005

Math Party

I frequently joke with my kids and start statements with, "at your next math party ... ". As in:
* at your next math party, you can use the word "asymptote"
* at your next math party, you can impress the babes by being able to work fractions
* at your next math party, you'll get dates by proving a pythagorean identity.

Well, last night my husband and I went to a math party, one given by a math teacher at our school. Teachers were there, spouses and s.o.s were there. I didn't realize we did this, but about an hour into the party, we started talking math. Now, I'm talking math puzzles or thought provokers. I mean who WOULDN'T be interested in such things. One of the sig. others starts chuckling, and his s.o. (a math teacher) says that he had actually not wanted to come to the party because he thought that all we would be doing is talking about math.

Then later, I'm sitting in another grouping, my husband, 2 retired math teacher / friends, and me. Okay, okay, the talk found its way to MATH. So sue us. My poor husband (though he's a computer geek himself), meandered away on the excuse of refilling his drink and never came back. Whew! free to talk math without apology.

Who's a nerd?


  1. Anonymous6:43 AM

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    Ciao for now.


  2. Anonymous6:44 AM

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  3. Math parties are fun.

    I coach a homeschool MathCounts team. When I found graph paper notebooks for 20 cents each, I bought a notebook for everyone, and they all thought it was cool.

    My junior high math teacher played Krypto with us, and now my MC kids love it.

    Have you been to play Set?

  4. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Thanks for reading, Adam.

    And, yes, I LOVE Set, Heidi.

    Ms. Cookie