Sunday, February 25, 2018

Functions and Rates of Change

Some students in calculus get confused when you are comparing a function and its derivative and second derivative. I get various creative answers of "if a function is positive, then its derivative is positive" .... "if a function is increasing, then its derivative is increasing". I am hoping that this activity will make things gel for more students. Who knows. Not me, but I am willing to try. 

Here's to wishing me luck. One day I will have more perfect moments than not-completely-successful topic teaching and EVERYONE will get it. And cute puppies will bark and wait to be pet and flowers will bloom and I will get enough sleep.

Here is a link to the PDF. 


  1. I used something like this when I taught AP

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  3. I think it's better to teach children using worksheets and past papers. OractPrac learning really makes a difference, students tend to learn better and won't suffer from anxiety or fear when having to practically put what they've learnt into practice. I learnt this as a teacher here in Australia whilst I was teaching 6 the graders maths at: selective school exam