Friday, April 03, 2015

Volumes of Known Cross Sections

Last unit of AP Calculus AB .... big (temporary) sigh of relief. I changed up how I am teaching it this year. I do a flipped class, but even so, in the last 2 years I was not flipping and then yapping at them in class. I can't think of why other than I didn't think through how I could flip it and still show them the 3D aspect of things. Then I got it and came up with this.

I made a template for them to take home:

This would allow them to cut various shapes in the right size. Then I "flipped" these 3 pages of notes:

See how the half circles pop up! That makes me so happy. Maybe you need a closer look:

And pages 3 and 4:

 Now they can have a "forever" reference to a 3D model and not just see it in class one time when we introduce it.

 Hopefully, this will lead to a clearer understanding in their heads.


  1. Anonymous3:53 PM

    This is genius! Can't wait to try it with my students.

  2. Seriously love this! Maybe use sticky notes to print the templates on?

  3. Thanks, Jennifer. Sticky notes? That would seem more convenient ... I want to see what the kids come back with next class ... and if this even useful to their general understanding.

  4. I think it's an awesome idea - I find that kids have a really hard time visualizing this and having this in their notebook and that it just pops up - cool :)

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