Monday, November 09, 2009

Hall Conversations

Last week was not a good week. I was crabby and in a funk to begin with (perimenopause anyone? ... or maybe I just want to place a reason to this cloud that goes by periodically lately). Then in my TAKS help class, on Thursday, I had to deal with outrageous rudeness. The kids are usually pretty good, save for the "I'd rather talk to my friends than do math" behavior. Two particular students were in the chatty mood. One had already come into class with an attitude. About 20 minutes into class, I said, "when we start our next activity, one of you needs to move tables", and I walked away to let them process that. The next activity started, and neither had moved, I asked again, and here came the craziness. One girl gets a big attitude on her face, crosses her arms and says, "I'm not moving".

Excuse me? Step out into the hall, I need to talk to you. I got the other students started on their work, and so began the conversation in the hall. She would not let up. Finally, she's all in a snit and states she's ready to come back in and work. I don't think so. I brought out a chair, and she remained in the hall doing her work for the next hour. Oh my.

Then on Friday in my last class of the day on student mentioned she left her work in another teacher's class, and could she go get it. No, not right now. She was not happy, but she continued to work. Then about 20 minutes later, she asked to go to the bathroom. I was thinking she wanted to go roam the halls and find her homework in the meantime, but she was jiggling in her seat, and she's generally a good kid, so I said, "go quickly and come back".

Twenty minutes later she shows up. Oh my was I angry. Again I started the kids on an activity, and talked to her in the hall. I mentioned why I was upset, and asked where she'd gone (to a counselor), and why she hadn't asked (you asked me in front of the class, and I didn't want to say it out loud), and how she could possibly handle it in the future (come up and whisper your request in my ear or call me over).

Anyway, she was near tears, and I was angry and yuk, not a good way to end the day/week (wooHOO for margaritas with friends after work to decompress). Today I asked the counselor if she'd been in to see her, and she said yes, she'd been having family issues and all sorts of sad things and we should be on the lookout to support her. Great! Big Ogre Teacher with the angry face berating a poor child.

Deep Breaths and Fresh Starts this week.


  1. Anonymous12:53 AM

    You didn't know, and the kid lied to you. You don't have to be angry at her, but you can't be angry at yourself. Not for this.


  2. Thanks, Jonathan. The funny thing is I saw her in the hall yesterday morning, and she turned in her homework, and we had a good conversation. I love the fresh starts we get all the time.

    Ms. Cookie

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