Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

What does one do when they're bored over Holiday Break? They make up new worksheets for students to do on that first day back to school. Our day on January 5 will have super short classes, so after looking at their finals, they won't have much time to do math. But I can't stand just sitting there, so this is what I've created. Don't know how it will work, and it hasn't been road tested yet. My inspiration was a thing on facebook. Here's a link to the file.


  1. Hi Shireen, have you checked out the activity we made at Desmos called Waterline. It offers a nice extension where students create and graph glasses which their classmates then solve.

    Give it a look!

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  3. Hello, very interesting Blog. I make an equivalent exercice with my student, great !
    I like your notebook and all the paper cut and stick. i'm going to try this, it's so original for a French teacher. Thank you ! ( autumn form south of France)

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