Saturday, December 08, 2012

Trig Graph Project

This Fall our math department went to the Dallas Regional NCTM conference, and there was a pair of precalculus teachers discussing various projects they did. Great talk, and I took one of their projects and altered it to this:

I only wanted them to use ONE EACH of the 6 trig functions; they could restrict the domain; they were NOT supposed to restrict the range; they couldn't use any other functions; and then the were to color it. Here are some students that followed the directions.


  1. Anonymous3:22 PM

    similar idea - asked them to make a small animal, using any of our families of functions (polynomials, lines, circles, exponentials, etc).

    Got a cool snail, a nice bird, a great shark, etc...

    I like that you are letting them create.


  2. That's cool. It's always enlightening to see the creativity in others' heads.

  3. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Is this high school? or kindergarten? Where's the actual student thinking taking place?

    1. Anonymous5:47 PM

      How about both?

  4. That looks like fun. What an engaging way to discuss the graphs of trig functions as well domain and range.

  5. Anonymous4:55 PM

    What is the equation for equation #3 on the Nintendo controller?